Area9 Rhapsode™ has a complete workflow automation system with workflow analytics. As part of this system, the platform has a configurable roles and permissions model that allows for groups, and individual-specific settings on who can do what/when.



  • Enable collaboration across distributed teams and eliminate errors created by having multiple tracking systems or trying to track a complicated process through Word or Excel documents
  • Area9 Rhapsode™ enables a streamlined SME driven digital process that provides nudges, alerts and reports automatically
  • Role-based views into the workflow and “calls to action” on what each user has done, and what he/she has yet to do help keep everyone on track
  • Define the process, assign the people to each role and then let the platform guide the process through proactive nudges and alerts.
  • Track the state of a project or across all projects through reports and dashboards

In the image below, a sample workflow from within Area9 Rhapsode™ showing stages in a process, with gates and deliverables defined. The cog wheel icon shows setting for each stage:

Workflow Analytics


  • Use dashboards to know exactly what is done and what needs to do, in real time.
  • Run reports to generate data for sharing status of projects with teammates or across management
  • Proactively send alerts to keep things on track
  • Setup reports to be autogenerated and distributed, such as an end-of-week summaries or sprint updates.
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