Area9 CEO Ulrik Christensen and Author Esther Wojcicki on TRICK in the Workplace

Area9 CEO Ulrik Christensen and Author Esther Wojcicki on TRICK in the Workplace

Trust. Respect. Independence. Collaboration. Kindness. These five elements—known by the acronym of “TRICK”—are the success secrets identified by Esther Wojcicki, educator, author of the acclaimed book How to Raise Successful People, and advisor to Area9 Lyceum. As Area9 CEO Ulrik Christensen says, the TRICK principles are also key to having more successful people in the workplace—especially as organizations and their employees adapt to a new normal. In the following video, Ulrik and Esther discuss TRICK and how each principle can improve collaboration and lead to a more supportive and effective workplace—for working and learning.


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Peter C. Davis
Education Advisor and former President of McGraw-Hill Education

In a world that is overflowing with accessible free content, publishers have distinct market advantages, including their high-quality content, publishing teams, and sales forces.

The challenge, however, is that highly curated content developed over decades is trapped in file formats that were made for print, using developmental processes that predate digital. Reusing that wealth of content has been impossible—until now.

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“No-one has done anything like this. It has been received extremely positively by everyone. We are looking to expand the use of Area9’s adaptive engine to train our customers on both the theory and the product itself, not only in golf but as we move into other areas like baseball and soccer.”
Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen
CEO and Co-Founder, Trackman