Industrials and Manufacturing

From the factory floor to global commerce, adaptive learning helps manual workers and knowledge workers alike build new skills and keep their current skills up to date, in the most efficient and effective way.

Whether you are looking to reduce time off the line, or trying to solve a global sales problem, Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning platform provides the biggest business impact.

“The Adaptive Platform enables each of our learners to develop the specific competencies he/she needs in the most efficient and effective way possible, while giving me a real-time overview of the organization’s current capability.

Terri Casady
Senior Director, Hitachi’s HDS Academy

Training in a manufacturing setting has unique challenges:

  • Pulling workers off the floor is never easy
  • Mixing novices and experienced workers in the same training can lead to frustration on both sides – either the class is too fast, or too slow

Adaptive learning scales from individuals to thousands or even hundreds of thousands users, yet provides a personalized experience that is optimized to each learner’s particular needs

In multi-national corporations, where global consistency with local flexibility enables market-specific solutions at scale, skills must be built across countries and languages.

Area9’s adaptive platform is fully multilingual, including support for double-byte character sets. Dynamic language substitution means the system will deliver native language content if it is available, or fall back to the base language content if not, on a module-by-module basis.

Personal, local and global reporting lets individual learners gauge their own learning experiences, and gives managers, VPs, and HR leaders visibility into global capabilities.

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