Activity Based Learning with Area9 Rhapsode

Effective learning includes practice that mimics the real world.  That’s why Area9 Rhapsode™ provides a suite of customizable activity-based learning tools to put knowledge and skills into practice, collaborating with peers on real-world problems and scenarios.


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Adaptable, scalable, and personalized, this approach builds competence and confidence, while increasing performance among individuals and across entire teams.

  • Promotes 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical thinking.
  • Learning in the flow of work: Activity-based learning helps ensure that knowledge learned in the classroom or through computer-based e-learning transfers into day-to-day practice with a higher degree of competence.
  • Makes learning relevant and immediately valuable: Activity-based learning can improve knowledge acquisition and retention and elevate job performance by seamlessly combining training and work activities.
  • Develop a growth mindset by becoming more motivated and confident. When learners coach one another, they are likely to become better themselves and more effective in their jobs.

To master programming it requires not only learning the theory but also practice. Programming Probe in Area9 Rhapsode™ provides a way to get a lot of practice. Learners can write a program to solve a task, run for testing, inspect the results and iterate until satisfied. Rhapsode™ supports a wide range of programming languages from Bash, Java, Python, to VB.NET and much more.

You will learn:

  • the basic syntax of languages
  • how to fix compilation mistakes
  • about semantics and type systems
  • how to implement and bug-fix algorithms
  • to write programs that solve real problems

The end result has proven itself. Our programmers are productive in 2-4 weeks using this training program.


Activity Based Learning at Scale

  • The power of activity-based learning is that it fosters a collaborative and adaptive learning space.
  • Activity based probes can direct learners to give and receive feedback on a project, presentation, or other group activity. This opens the door for leveraging the scalability of adaptive learning technology.
  • The combination of acquiring knowledge and then putting it to use through activity-based learning in job-specific problems and scenarios makes training more efficient, effective and engaging.
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“We set out to create a truly innovative product that would be relevant and convenient to physicians. Area9, a physician-led company that is an innovator in interactive educational software, asked us to consider them as a partner, not a vendor. We did, and that partnership has been extremely successful.”
Chris Lynch
Vice President for Publishing, NEJM Group